Welcome to the Imperial State of Babkha - again a micronation based on persian culture
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Introducing Babkha

Welcome to the Kingdom of Babkha, a micronation established as an Internet based model nation, simulating Persian culture, civil and political institutions, and society. Babkha is a legitimate, functioning, and non-territorial micronation that possesses immanent, virtual global sovereignty.

We are not a separatist or secessionist movement but we seek to form a community that will effectively simulate nation building. Our goal is to build a community of like minded individuals who do not rely on an accident of birth or geography to define themselves as compatriots, but instead share a common belief in the values of democracy, freedom and self-determination.

Babkha is a dynamic micronation which aims to bring back the glory of a bygone era. She was borne of the dream of a time long ago in a land rich with diversity and culture, the dream to return the glorious days of the ancient Persia, where the worlds cultures intertwined to form something great.

The Internet has made it possible for Babkha to become a micronation where people from all around the world can join together to develop a new kind of nation, a new world which gains its strengths from the past and looks to its opportunities in the future.

What Are Micronations?

A micronation has often been called by many names, but no matter what you call it, the definition does not change. a micronation is usually an online community of individuals interested in the hobby of nation-building. the goals of each micronation vary, because while some micronations may focus on building an online "virtual" nation complete with railroads and television stations. other examples of micronations are ones that focus on the political side of the hobby, who's attention is held by elections and campaigning, and later by the politicians elected. and finally, there are some micronations that revolve around a simple internet discussion board or forum.

Babkha represents a micronation that simulates nation building using the political and social structures of medieval Persia set in modern times under a democratic system of government and girded by a strong sense of culture. While the majority of Babkhans today are not ethnic Persians, the foundation of the Persian culture remains a solid bedrock that makes Babkha both a unique and pleasant community.

To find out more about Babkha and micronations, please take some time to visit our forums and interact with our people there. If you feel like you can make a contribution to this nation or would like to enjoy its benefits, join Babkha by applying for citizenship.

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