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community : citizenship application

To apply for membership of the Villainous Order of Babkhan Blackfriars, fill in the form below to begin the initiation process. Once your application is received, you will be notified by the webmaster general regarding further steps in the initiation process.

Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis by the collective members of the order. Please note, all fields with an astericks (*) are required to be filled in. The information given on this form is retained for statistical purposes.

Due to the number of people who apply for membership to be never heard of again, we request that you, after filling out and submitting the form below, also register and introduce yourself on our national forums before we can consider addressing your application. We hope for your understanding.

Please note: You will receive a reply on your application from home@babkha.com, usually within a few days. Please make sure emails sent from this email address will arrive in your inbox and are not treated as spam (or alternatively, keep an eye on your bulk mail folder).

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