Welcome to the Imperial State of Babkha - again a micronation based on persian culture
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The Villainous Order of Babkhan Blackfriars is a global network of local chapters. At the head of the order is the Shahanshah, who has the final say in all policy matters, advised by the other members of the order. He also has the right to appoint Satraps, who are head of the local chapters of the order.
Even though the organization of the order is authoritarian, it is only held together by trust, friendship and respect between the Shahanshah, the Satraps and the other members of the order. Those who ruled Babkha in the past have been granted the honorary title of "Emir".

Local Chapters

The local chapters are named after the provinces of the former micronation The Kingdom of Babkha and are headed by a Satrap. The satrap's main task is to organize meetings and events in his part of the world as he knows, or should know, the best place to have a drink in his area.
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